About the St. Joe Valley Greens

The St. Joe Valley Greens were organized in 1992 as part of the emerging US Green movement. The US Green movement was inspired by the electoral successes of the German Greens as well as Green political movements in New Zealand and Australia. Today there are more than 70 Green parties all across the world, including those in Africa, South America, Asia, and every nation in Europe.

Over our 15 year+ history, the SJV Greens have run candidates for local office, been active participants in local and regional civic affairs, and developed our own weekly public access television program GreenTV among numerous other projects and activities.

As Greens we recognize social injustice and inequality are tied directly to our unsustainable relationship with the environment. We believe social justice and ecological concerns are closely linked and one cannot be addressed without the other.

The St. Joe Valley Greens strive to be part of a global movement that will inspire our moral obligation to reconstruct our society based on truly democratic, egalitarian principles and an ecological ethic. We believe it is vitally important that we recognize the reality of the interdependence of all members of human society as well the interdependence between the human community and the wider natural world.

Our campaign is not an attempt to create just another political party designed to elect politicians to office and consolidate political power. We envision a movement involving ordinary people participating on an everyday basis in the democratic process. We must work now to address the root causes of our social and ecological problems, rather than belatedly dealing with their symptoms as crisis occur.

Please also consider visiting the St. Joe Valley Greens’ website.


One response to “About the St. Joe Valley Greens

  1. Linda Bentz-Ponterio

    You are invited to participate in the 3rd Annual Pride in the park.
    August 29th from 1pm to 11pm , 100 Center st. Mishawaka In. 46544
    please contact Linda Bentz-Ponterio
    574 387 9422
    Thank you

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